The Hour of Living (Switzerland - United Kingdom , 1 hr. 52 mins.)

Directed by: Sebastian Michael

Written by: Sebastian Michael


Andrea Spolarics, Charlotte Heinimann, Christoph Schwegler, Dan Absalom, David Wade, Gary Grant, Pepe Belmonte, Sam Fordham, and Sebastian Michael.

Theo is on a quest.

When his mother dies, he finds among her belongings a Super-8 film with his father in it, as a young man, looking really happy and a little in love. Maybe a lot. With the person behind the camera. But in the film is also his mother. So whoever is behind that camera is not his mother. 

Theo is intrigued. He lost his dad when he was about ten, and so he never really got to know him. So he sets out to find the person behind the camera.

His search leads him to George Walter.

George lives high up in the mountains, as remote as he could get. He was a bit famous once, around ten years ago, but since then he’s been a recluse, he doesn’t have a mobile, he doesn’t do Facebook, he isn’t online.

When Theo meets George something happens. Because George was the man behind the camera. And he was in love with Theo’s dad, very much. And he also, though he probably isn’t, feels responsible for Theo’s dad’s death. So what he sees in Theo is more than just his first, maybe his only love’s son. And what Theo sees in George is more than a route to his dad.

As the two men spend time together, they of course get to know each other. But more than that, they get to know themselves...