The Hidden Hand (USA, 1h 20min)

Directed by: James Carman


The Hidden Hand explores a new paradigm of consciousness taking root within the collective consciousness of humanity. Since the saucer crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, our cultural openness to contact with extraterrestrial life has increased exponentially. Whether it be in the imaginary realm, such as the Sci-Fi channel or Star Wars, or in the experiential realm by those who claim to have actually had ET contact, it cannot be denied that major change is afoot. This change is developing into a new way of understanding the universe that is at least as radical as when Copernicus stated the earth moved around sun. Our civilization is not content to stargaze anymore. As we take the first baby steps into space and higher awareness, we are open for contact and discoveries of enormous proportion. 

But is the idea of alien contact or intervention with the gods historically new? The Old Testament speaks of the Elohim or the gods who came from the sky to guide and husband humanity. So do the Sumerian Stone tablets. So do the Indian Vedas. The idea of the Hidden Hand is an ancient one. It states that the events of humanity are influenced from behind the scenes and that history as it is presented is flawed and distorted. If so, who are the puppet masters? If they are so powerful and clever, why do they hide? 

This film will examine phenomena such as alien abduction, alien agenda and the concept of the secret government by interviewing individuals who claim to have had such interaction and knowledge. Academics and authors will also be interviewed to give a historical and scientific perspective on these phenomena from ancient times up until the present.

The film will interview a diverse range of individuals from time traveler, Al Bielek, to alien abductees, Gloria Hawker and Jim Sparks. Former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell will explore these paranormal experiences from Military perspective. Contactees, James Gilliland and Marc Brinkerhoff will shed a positive light on what these interactions mean to humanity.

Some of the renowned scholars included: Dr. Roger Lier, a surgeon who claims to remove alien implants, Linda Moulton Howe, Paola Harris and David Jacobs, who are experts on alien contact and related phenomena. Along with archaeologist, Michael Cremo and government historian, Richard Doyle and U.S. Army remote viewer, Lyn Buchanan. 

The film approach is an innovative mix of narrative and documentary styles. The purpose of the film is to engage and educate the viewer, rather than to present any one interpretation as conclusive truth.