The Great Heist (USA, 10 min 39 sec)

Directed by: Dennis Mason, Robert Kalison

Written by: Robert Kalison


Brett Mcclelland, Jennifer Kalison, John Thompson Jr., Justin Zimmerman, Lija Fisher, Lisa Egle, Mike Mergo, Mike Leigh, Russ Uddin

Arnold, a would-be criminal mastermind, believes he has identified an opportunity to rob an armored car. He knows that the two security guards responsible for this particular vehicle always stop at a local coffeehouse at the same time every day, leaving the vehicle unattended. Arnold believes if they can be detained in the coffeehouse long enough, an accomplice can easily access the armored car and make off with large bags of cash. He recruits Lawrence, a friend and co-worker at a tedious day job, as well as his sister Kate and her husband Michael. The couple will get in line ahead of the guards and start a loud argument, giving Lawrence time to raid the armored car. Arnold will supervise the scene in the coffeehouse and add to the conflict as necessary to delay the guards. And above all else, all participants must speak with a heavy Scottish burr. Arnold believes this is the key to the operation, as it will cause any witnesses to remember the accents more than the appearances of the conspirators. Arnold is convinced this is the critical element in the plan, and he will accept nothing less than perfect accents to make the plan work.