The Firefly Catcher (United States, 0:18:00)

Directed by: Stefanie Black

Written by: Marisa Ruby

Cast: Marisa Ruby, John Billingsley

The Firefly Catcher examines the cycle of life through the relationship between a young woman, Madelyn and her prematurely aging father, Georgie. Georgie is struggling with an early on-set of Dementia due to head trauma. The story is a glimpse into Madelyn's sacrifice and tribulations as she struggles to care for her father and accept his illness. When his behaviors become too much to bear, Madelyn takes matters into her own hands. Then, just as she begins learning to cope with his incurable, deteriorating state, a flicker of light brings her renewed optimism for the road ahead. Could this be a turning point for Georgie's illness or can hope be a deceiving aspect of the human psyche?