The Doorman (USA, 15 Min)

Directed by: Serena Dykman

Written by: Serena Dykman

Cast: Darlene Larson, Dorri L. Page, Ed Incle, Paul C. Kelly, Sandra Bloom, Tawny Sorensen, Thomas James Lombardo, Victoria Grazioli


The Doorman by Serena Dykman

Joe, an average-looking doorman in a luxury building in Manhattan has lost all hope in love. In order to spice up his monotonous life, and make extra money, he secretly fulfills the sexual fantasies of the old ladies of the building. All goes well until Rebecca, the new young sexy tenant moves into the building. Joe falls for her almost immediately. He realizes that he has been kidding himself in thinking that money and admiration from the ladies can fulfill his life. One Sunday afternoon, while drinking champagne on the rooftop of the building, the ladies realize that Joe has been providing his services for them all. Rebecca overhears their conversation. Curious about Joe's occupation, Rebecca invites him into her apartment. After a few awkward beats, they realize how much they have in common; two lonely souls who do 'weird things' in order to survive in New York. After sharing a passionate kiss, Joe runs back to the lobby as he had left in the middle of his shift. There, he sees the four ladies all dressed up to go to the ballet. They play a joke on him, telling him 'they are going to gossip about their favorite doorman'. Joe is very confused, and still in disbelief about Rebecca and him kissing. After the ladies exit, Roberto, another doorman, admits that not only had he known about Joe's business all along, but he is also a part of it. Outside, the ladies seduce Thomas, the younger more handsome doorman.