The Demon Deep in Oklahoma (USA, 00:34:00)

Directed by: Lance R. Marshall

Written by: Lance R. Marshall

Cast: Carter Burch, Lance R. Marshall, Shannon Beeby,

Katie Heaton (Shannon Beeby) lives with her older brother, Wes (Lance R. Marshall), in their remote childhood home that sits in the middle of nowhere in a small town in Southeastern Oklahoma. Trapped inside the four walls full of bad memories and sadness, the two siblings do all they know how to preserve the peace and quiet, but brace themselves for what is inevitably to come.

One day Tommy (Carter Burch), an old friend visiting Wes, arrives for an overnight stay. Secrets come out, suspicion is raised, passion ignites and all hell breaks loose. On this one dark night, three lives intertwine in a way that changes them forever as they battle the demon that lives deep in Oklahoma.