The Country of Fear (El Pais Del Miedo) (Spain, 1 hour 42 minute)

Subtitles: Yes

Directed by: Francisco Espada

Written by: Francisco Espada

Cast: José Luis García - Pérez, Cristina Plazas, Eduardo Velasco, Marina Recio y Moisés Ortega.

Carlos, a peaceful man, looks how his quiet life is shaken when Marta, a girl aged 13, irrupts in it and starts to extort him. Unable to defend himself, he becomes involved in a series of distressing situations that lead to a disproportionate response.

The country of fear (El país del miedo) digs into our worst fears and how they may and up becoming the source of different forma of domination. Such fears can lead us to accept overprotctive brhaviour.