Tempo Girl (Germany, Switzerland, 75)

Directed by: Dominik Locher

Written by: Dominik Locher

Cast: Florentine Krafft, José Barros, Lisa Brühlmann, Anatole Taubman, Dani Mangisch, Regula Imboden, Karin Pfammatter, Gilles Tschudi, Egzon Sulja

Young wannabe novelist Dominique Piepermann lives a fickle life in Berlin’s hipster community. When her publisher turns down her manuscript for being “inauthentic”, she sets out with a lively kebab vendor through a forgotten valley in the Swiss Alps where she comes face to face with love, loss and a Fiat Panda obsessed pimp. Left humiliated but inspired, she returns to Berlin with her first novel: TEMPO GIRL – THE STORY OF A GENERATION.