TALE OF RISING RANI (India, 2:05:00)

Directed by: PRAKASH SAINI

Cast: Stuti Agrawal, Parul Verma, Sunil Tamang, Mahesh Saini, Anant Saraswat, Sachin Dhangar, Anil Yadav

As children we are constantly warned by our elders about the hardships of life. At some point we all must overcome these obstacles that life will place between us and our destiny. Unfortunately for ‘Rani’ some of these obstacles are in the form of people, like her father ‘Mahesh’. Who is hell bent on getting ‘Rani’ married right after school. But currently focusing on another challenge ‘Manish’, who has almost devoured the life of Rani’s best friend ‘Rinki’, bound eternally by the outdated norms of the village, run by a false justice system. We see ‘Rani’ selflessly save her best friend and in the process we witness the evolution of a village girl.