Sweet Revenge (United States, 3 minutes)

Directed by: Jonathon Kline

With a classic Noir-like narration, the story follows Can Diego Detective, Toby LaRone, as he describes his latest investigations. Toby sits in his office sipping on his butterscotch and smoking cigarettes while describing his current investigation and how the city is crumbling. While looking at his mess of crime scene photos, he describes a few of the latest murders, one of them including his old partner, Humphrey Cadbury. Toby comes to the conclusion that the murders are related and fears that they will eventually lead to him and his chocolate family. While browsing the evidence that was left behind at each crime scene, he finally realizes that the murders are related only in the fact that the victims were murdered with similar tools. With this, he comes to the conclusion of who the comically obvious killer is; but it’s far too late.


Sweet Revenge

By: Conor Murray

In a seamless combination of film noir and candy-coated puns, "Sweet Revenge" delivers a very funny, dramatic tale of a mysterious series of murders and the cynical detective tasked to unravel the mystery. In the city of Can Diego, Detective Toby LaRone struggles to connect the killings in the recent spree as the city is pushed further and further into darkness. As he slowly puts the pieces together, he begins to realize just how obvious the answer was, but he quickly finds out he is too late. The animations are very well done and the film noir style is a very funny contrast to the relentless stream of puns. The writing is spot on, with very few missed opportunities to slip in a candy-based joke, and the dead-pan narration of the detective is quite funny. "Sweet Revenge" is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown during the festival's run from October 12-18, 2015.