Suriname Gold (USA, 23 Min)

Directed by: Paulo Henrique Testolini

Written by: Paulo Henrique Testolini

Cast: Anselmo Vasconcellos,Brendha Haddad, Gabriela Albuquerque,Isadora Studart, Lino Camilo, Renata De Paula, Rodrigo Moraes, Sonia Ferreira, Suyara Takaesu


Suriname Gold by Paulo Henrique Testolini

For many years, the promise of gold has lured men and women into the Amazon jungle. As laws have gotten stricter and gold scarcer, Brazilian miners have migrated north into the sacred land of the Maroon people of Suriname. When Magali's husband, Thome, leaves their Brazilian homeland to realize this dream of fortune, Magali is left helpless but to follow him. In a world where prostitutes are the only women allowed near the mines, Magali makes the ultimate sacrifice to gain a chance at finding her husband. Along the way, she befriends Olinda and Givania, two naive girls who believe their dreams of wealth and glamour will be made tangible by Desi, the head of the gold mining racket in Suriname. Upon her arrival at the mines, Magali is shocked to find that not only is her husband M.I.A., but her freedom is now owned by the madam, Gloria. Over the course of ten months, Magali struggles to keep her integrity while navigating the dangerous politics of Suriname, which ultimately leads to the 2009 Maroon attack in Albina.