Sunflowers (Malaysia , 0 : 34: 00)

Directed by: Shio Chuan Quek

Written by: Shio Chuan Quek

This story is ; an orphaned , and grandmother live with a girl , in the metropolis in the stage show makeup artist , and finally , they gave up her stage show originally wanted to become a famous make-up teacher 's dream , the place to turn into a small makeup etiquette teacher dead . And, all along , she did not know it was her grandmother before dying, please funeral home to make arrangements for her boss . Dreams and reality often has a great gap ; many people are looking forward to become a shining star on the stage of life much much attention . . . But, in order to compete in the arena , how many people want to fall into the heart of darkness ? Like the bright lights of sunflowers during the day , how many people know that their bow in the night and frustration ? From another angle to think , sometimes, life can be very simple , even if you are walking on the road no stars, but the pace will be more realistic, in that one only insects and remote places no applause , and you will feel more contented contented , like the night of sunflowers, quietly waiting for the sun, do not hate the night too long.