Stuck (USA | 2017, 1 hour 41 min)

Directed by: Jillian Armenante

Written by: David Mickel, Heather Turman

Cast: Heather Matarazzo, Amir Talai

When Darby Dixon, a party girl nurse with an attitude, disagrees with her doctor's diagnosis of a patient, she steals some pills and get arrested by the cops. Instead of throwing her in jail, the judge places her under house arrest. Unbeknownst to him, she is currently homeless, so, she gets sent to her last official place of residence...her ex-boyfriend's house. Sentenced to a thirty day confinement, she has no idea her ex has a brand new, beautiful finance now living with him. The awkward triangle comes to a full blowout during an engagement party which may have accidentally served appetizers laced with weed. Through a series of setbacks, Darby grows toward a self-realization about taking responsibility in the world all while philosophizing with the awkward pizza delivery guy.