Streetwrite (United States | 2016, 25 min)

Directed by: Blanche Baker


Streetwrite with Jason York

STREETWRITE is a 30-minute movie musical about freedom of speech. Using street art as a focal point, the film examines the various ways people struggle to express themselves in situations where free speech is curtailed or suppressed. It also explores how certain kinds of expression can be repressive to individuals. Musical numbers convey these topics and the arguments that ensue are debated in a courtroom sequence. Graffiti, public murals, commercial billboards and hallway posters form the visual backdrop that exemplify these issues. The film was fully funded by the New York Film Academy with professionals working alongside 2nd -year musical theatre students. STREETWRITE was written and directed by Blanche Baker, an Emmy Award winning actress and Senior Faculty member of the New York Film Academy, and filmed by Piero Basso, an award winning Director of Photography.