Street Knights (USA, 14 min 8 sec)

Directed by: Matt Baron

Friend or Foe? Brilliant or Crazy? Compassionate or Ruthless? 'Street Knights: Money. Chess. Life. explores the unique lives of Chess hustles in New York City's world renowned Washington Square Park. In the 1970's, they could pocket up to $16,000 a day. Now, in light of the financial crisis, they struggle to make ends meet. The film follows a handful of the park's most loyal players, ranging from Harry, the philosopher with drug problems to Nashan, the trash talker who also teaches children. We'll learn the history, strategy, and life of the hustler, and take a look into the rocky future of the players, the park and the game itself. Whether you choose to admire or disdain this group of men, their unique eccentricities are undeniable and sure to entertain.