Street Blues (Germany, 30 min)

Directed by: Nikolas Migut

It’s in the fall of 2012 that documentary film maker Nik and a homeless man named Alex meet for the first time. Shortly before five in the morning, they set out from the railway mission in the Berlin Zoo station on a brief nighttime trip. After sharing breakfast, they each goes their separate ways – not to meet again until two and a half years later, when they are brought back together thanks to a tip from someone at a film festival...
Ten years on the streets have changed Alex. He’s no longer the person he once was, having endured the cold and isolation of homelessness. Often he hasn’t slept for nights on end, landing up in police stations or hospitals. Why didn’t he turn to his family at some point during his ten years of homelessness?
This documentary aims to show what the homeless value most: acknowledgement. Documentary film maker Nikolas Migut treats Alex with sensitivity while patiently observing and talking with him. He tries to build trust – such as in his short documentary ´Alex – Incomplete Faith´ (2013) – and to ask the questions he consciously avoided asking the first time they met. He invites the audience to see homelessness the way the homeless themselves see it. Nikolas Migut affords Alex a stage, giving him back the thing he’d lost: his own voice. ´Street Blues´ is a sequel to ´Alex – Incomplete Faith´ (2013)