Strawberries (USA | 2017, 7 min)

Directed by: Donggyun Han

Written by: Maggie Briggs

Cast: Josie Girand, Grace Keyt

KATE, a shy and introverted tween, enlists her precocious best friend MARIE to gather information on her distant crush ADAM. Discovering he likes strawberries, KATE crafts a love letter and includes what she thinks is a piece of strawberries candy. When she discovers the candy was actually a condom, the two best friends race to find ADAM before he discovers the embarrassing mistake.


by Hansol (Laura) Park

“Strawberries,” the playful short from director Donggyun Han, follows two tweens Kate and Marie who are on a mission to deliver a Valentine card to Kate’s crush Adam – in the middle of August. According to candy-loving sleuth Marie, Adam is a huge “nerd” who loves to read with his headphones on, often with strawberries by his side. Hearing this, Kate decides to include in her handcrafted card a cute piece of strawberry flavored candy. This run-of-the-mill plan goes awry however, when, much to Kate’s astonishment, the candy turns out to be not as innocent as she believed. Will the two girls succeed in getting the card back before Adam has a chance to discover what is inside? Two lead actors’ charmingly awkward demeanors coupled with several witty one-liners well portray their nervous pre-adolescent characters, making the film delightful to watch. Infused with vibrant greens along with the soft hue of yellow and blue, the film’s color palette resonates well with the sweet and youthful narrative.

“Strawberries” is an Official Selection of the 9th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival.