Straight To Camera (2016, 2 min)

Directed by: Aaron Sheer

TAN MAN (episode 1): Cooper's future father-in-law is very successful, and very tan. Straight to Camera is an original first-person character series. The show features six of the best and upcoming improv actors from Upright Citizens Brigade.


Aaron Sheer, dir. Of Straight To Camera

Straight To Camera is an original series where each episode features a different character speaking directly to you!

Episode One – TAN MAN – Cooper’s father-in- law is very successful, and very tan.
Writer & Performer: Eric Yearwood
Director: Aaron Sheer

Interview by: Megan Boyle, Short Sketch Comedy Curator

Q: How did you come up with your sketch idea? 
Eric Yearwood first wrote and performed his ‘Tan Man’ character at a very funny Upright Citizens Brigade show called Characters Welcome. It was one of the funniest and strangest characters I’d ever seen. I knew right then that I needed to work with him and adapt this character for the screen. I came up with the idea of having the actors perform straight into the camera to recapture the brilliance they brought to the stage while still speaking directly to the viewer. I approached Eric about shooting it on location and from there it really took on a life of it’s own. Tan Man became the first of six episodes for the web-series—Straight To Camera, each one featuring a different character/actor.

Q: What dictated your choices in how you filmed your sketch?
To fully bring these characters to life, finding the right location was key. The characters needed to interact with the settings to make it feel convincing. That combined with choreographing the camera movement and shooting long sequences is what I think makes the series stand out.

Q: What hurdles did you face while making this sketch?
Because we shot long continuous takes of each character, the performance and camera timing needed to be spot-on. This would have been much more difficult if our actors weren’t so well versed with their characters. In short, the actors were amazing. Their conversion from theater to film seemed effortless.

Q: There is truth in comedy, what sort of truths were you hoping to touch on with this sketch?
I agree 100%. People in real life always inspire the characters we see on stage or screen. I think comedy is brilliant in exposing these idiosyncrasies that we generally overlook about ourselves.

Q: Do you have any plans for sequels or additional sketches surrounding these characters/themes?
We’re producing a second season for Straight To Camera, which I’m very excited about. It will follow the same format as Season One and feature a wide range of actors/writers.

Catch Straight to Camera at the 8th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival!