Stoned (USA, 13min)


Mary Linehan, Ryan Daley

Valerie comes back home from work, takes her daily pill cocktail and opens 2 envelopes, with hers and her boyfriend's payment. When she opens the piggy bank to put the money inside, she finds out her boyfriend Jim has hidden some pills. She swallows the pills, and after staring to the pregnancy test and the bottle of abortion pills she has on the table, Valerie throws the pregnancy test away, and takes the abortion pills.

Valerie puts the abortion pills inside of her vagina, and lies on her bed.

Later Jim comes back home, Valerie is cooking dinner. She tells Jim that she found the pills he has hidden, and Jim is ignoring her, until she tells him she made herself and abortion and now she wants him to take the baby out of her. He says she is crazy and Valerie goes away and hides in the bathroom.

At the bathroom Valerie dyes her hair with red color, and while she is washing it at the shower Valerie starts to feel contractions that knocks her down the floor. 

Jim feels bad and decides to help Valerie. When he puts his hand inside of Valerie's vagina he takes out a crystal. Valerie gets attached to it but Jim wants to sell that one and even make more and sell them.

They discuss at dinner and Valerie agrees to do it if she can keep the first crystal. She ends up filling jars with stones and giving her babies for sale.