Directed by: Min Reid

Written by: J.R. Richards

Cast: JR Richards, Don Fergusson, Stacey Fergusson, Calum Fraser, Jon Payne, Kate Kadow, Marina Fliagina-Domrachev

After a terrible tragedy like 'Sandy Hook Elementary shooting', we all struggle to come to terms with the darkness in the world. Lyricists and co-founder of the band 'Vanaka' wrote 'Still Beautiful' after struggling to find the right words to explain such madness in mankind to her 10 year old child.

'Still Beautiful' is performed by Vanaka, featuring award winning artist JR Richards (Original Lead Singer / Songwriter of 'Dishwalla'), whom also produced and co-wrote the song.

Director Min Reid felt the only way to do the song justice visually, and with the utmost respect for such a delicate topic was to use the stunning art form of ballet to express the emotions in the song.

The song is about finding the love within to move forward and heal through deep tragedies. The Sandy Hook Promise have both embraced and endorsed 'Still Beautiful' and now incorporate some of the lyrics within their speeches... those words being 'Let Love Lead'.

The Music Video also features 'Spud the Piper' from Scotland on bagpipes. Producer, J.R. Richards wrote the arrangement for the bagpipes adding an unusual and extremely evocatively beautiful part of the song.

Vanaka is an independent band based in Southern California. They released their album called 'Gratitude' in 2014, which was produced by JR Richards.