Sparkling Silence (Switzerland | 2016, 9 min)

Directed by: Ela Franscella

Cast: Simone Lunardi, Amedea Aloisi, Marie Courtin, Vinzenz H ussermann, Gaia Mereu. Director of photography: Valentina Provini. Photography assistant: Amos Pellegrinelli. Costume and set designs: Elfa nel Sacral. Editor: Amos Pellegrinelli. Original Music: Michel Thouseau. Tailoring: Ottavia Castellotti. Production assistants: Manuela Viecelli, Esmeralda Toska, Ivo Bomio, Simone Voumard. Produced by: Mops_DanceSyndrome Association, Switzerland

“Here I am, outside the time of generations, my essential being”.

Dancers with Down syndrome, bearers of wisdom and hope, wend their way towards alchemical places and spaces of meditation. A trip to a meeting with light, in the intimate, numinous geography of the soul.

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