Sparkle Island (USA, 48min)

Directed by: Valerie Jensen


A group of actors, in danger of losing their beloved theatre to mean developers, Mr. and Mrs. Meanie, struggle to find ways to pay the bad guys off. They go to the bar for a brain storming session. While they figure out ways to make money, a suspicious looking bartender overhears their plight. He reveals a treasure map to them, of Sparkle Island, and informs them of the bounty of treasure that was buried many years ago upon the dangerous island. Desperate and fearless, the actors decide to embark on a journey to bring them to the treacherous island. 

Markie, Grace, Marianne, and Kris find a boat and sail off in the high seas. They see a marooned sailor and save her life, dragging her on board. She tricks them and they wake up aboard a wooden ship, tied up in a brig. Two menacing pirates visit their new prisoners and take Kris to meet the Captain. 

The Captain of the ship is revealed and he looks similar to the bartender. He has stolen the actor's Sparkle Island map. Kris tries to get he and his fellow actors to safety, but Markie ends up the hero as he escapes the brig and finds extra pirate clothes lying around the boat. The group manages to steal the map back from a sleeping Captain. Markie convinces his friends to sneak clothing too and they find a kayak and row to land nearby. 

The actors arrive at Sparkle Island by kayak and begin to celebrate. Meanwhile, hiding in the bushes, some cannibals see them, and get excited for a special dinner. The actors walk around, following their map, and set up a tent for the night. Markie fears the island is far more dangerous than it appears and leaves a video diary of his thoughts. Cannibals discover him and take him away. His friends wake up to find Markie gone, watch his Flip cam video entry, and decide to go find Markie and the map. They endure harsh conditions on the islands and arrive at the Cannibal's campsite. Markie is tied to a tree, ready to be grilled, and eaten. Quick thinking, Marianne steps out of the woods to negotiate. None of the Cannibals can understand her. Gracie walks out to the bonfire and begins speaking ... Cannibal! She and the Cannibal King agree that if Kris, a former arm wrestling champion, can beat the King in an arm wrestling competition, the Cannibals will allow Markie to go free. The arm wrestling match is intense, but Kris wins, and Markie returns to his group. 

The actors get the map back and head towards the treasure. Finally, the group finds the sparkles, gold, jewels, and diamonds and knows they can finally save their theatre. They are excited to head back home and get back to their theatre, but upon walking to the kayak, all of the pirates from the ship have them surrounded. What could be a blood bath turns into a revelation that the Captain just wants the treasure to begin a theatre, where he and his pirate friends could perform "Romeo and Juliet." The pirates and the actors agree to work together...and eventually are seen at the theatre, watching their production of "Romeo and Juliet." The End.