Someone (United States , 0: 13: 00)

Directed by: Elena Spirina

A girl is running from Someone, who follows her since her birth. Someone who she has never seen, but she feels him everywhere. She runs in order to escape and to survive. She is too fast. She doesn't understand that her survival is in the past. In her childhood. What if she could have a chance to go back and correct something. Something which doesn't give her a chance for happiness. And only when she reaches the edge she faces her Someone. Her fear. And she goes back, to the times she were small. She sees herself being a small girl, sitting in the cage, playing with her strange toys. And there are her parents, who are sitting next to her. She doesn't see any punishments, scandals, shouting from her parents. Just indifference which is covered under the mask of care and protection. She's so alone. 'Protected'. She understands: all she has to do is to get out from this cage. And she does. And that is the moment when she understands what she was born to: Love. Just love. That's the only thing she should do. That's the only thing we should do. Now and then. Always.