Directed by: Jessica Elisa Boyd

Written by: Jessica Elisa Boyd

Cast: Aliyah Haynes, Jessica Elisa Boyd, Philip Battley, Rachel Preston, Raffaele Bonfiglio, Russ Abbot, Marianna Maniatakis

Set in timeless Tuscany, Italy, Sogni D'Oro (Dreams of Gold) is an old-fashioned fairy tale about a young girl, Maria (Aliyah Haynes) growing up in relative poverty on a farm with her father Salvatore (Philip Battley). Every Friday at 5pm the local dress shop owner, Roberto (Russ Abbot) changes his window display and she rushes to see what imaginary delights each new dress will conjure.

Over the years, Maria and her father age, their relationship changes, but her dreams continue. Eventually even Roberto the dress-shop owner can continue no longer, and Maria is left to face a world without her fantasies.

A short with a classic twist in the tail, Sogni D'Oro (Dreams of Gold) was shot on location in rural Tuscany. The film has no dialogue making it truly universal and increasing the feeling that it is a classic film. A magical tale that will resonate with the dreamer in us all...