Snow White (United States, 5 min 45 sec)

Directed by: Theodora Richter

Schneeweiss is an oniric journey in the streets of South Beach, Miami Florida, in February 2018.
In the midst of this touristy and party oriented setting, enhanced by the exhilarating "deep house" music of German group Rampa, we come across a mysterious brunette girl. She seems to be trying to tell us something : The eye of the conscience, as powerfully described by Victor Hugo in his poem about Caïn (La Légende des Siècles, 1859), doesn't intend to leave us alone… we’d better be more consistent and responsible for our actions.
But can the voice of wisdom and humanism be really heard in our busy and loud contemporary world ? Does anybody care,
especially in places dominated by the cult of leisure, money and selfies ?
Her voice echoes in the void, and she pursues her journey. Thorn between sadness and disillusion, the will to struggle and the necessity to keep going and to fit in.
To make compromises.