Snow (Canada | 2017, 10 min)

Directed by: Kim Barr

The Little Black Girl is having a hard day at school. She’s not able to pronounce the days of the week in French, and her classmates are enjoying themselves at her expense. And then she sees it, falling outside the classroom window – SNOW. Having immigrated to Canada from a hot country, she does not know what it is. It scares her, which causes her classmates to ridicule her further. To make matters worse, during recess, a boy compares the snow and the whiteness of his skin to hers and calls her “dirty.” The Little Black Girl decides that the only way to fit in is to be like the snow and her classmates. Clean, pure - white. In earnest, she tries to rub her blackness off in the snow but this only leaves her wet, exhausted, and disillusioned - until a Little Blonde Girl offers to teach her how to make snow angels. Showing her that, just as all snowflakes are not all alike, neither are her classmates.