Sniper's Observation Method (South Korea , 0:17:00)

Directed by: YunHa Kim

A renowned sniper, popular in his field for outstanding skills, receives a quite unique request.He is lost in agony because of the client's puzzling demand. While he aims at the target, he realizes that the target is trying to commit suicide. Eventually, the sniper falls into a dramatic dilemma between the difficult request and the target's unexpected action. The targeted man is a successful businessman who earned a great fortune and honor from a company that he started with his friend during his 20s. But he betrays his friend and leaks the core technology of the company for personal benefits. His friend, the co-founder, kills himself after the company goes bankrupt. After the incident, the public and business experts severely reproach the target. He not only feels threatened to death, but also suffers from inevitable guilt that resulted from his selfish deed. Finally, he decides to commit suicide on his birthday. The target's wife struggles to reform him. The target, his wife and the co-founder used to be good friends from college. The wife is shocked because of the target's self-centered evildoing and the co-founder's sudden death. She loves her husband, yet she feels strong hatred towards him at the same time. She makes an attempt to change him through a special event on his birthday.