Smoking with Abe Lincoln (USA, 1 hr 28 min)

Directed by: Sean Tracy

Written by: Sean Tracy


Chaka DeSilva, Eddie Markovich, Eric Felix, Haley Zale, Nicole Allen, Sean Tracy, Stephen O'Regan, Vinstant Rhepple

Realizing they are already in their 30s, best friends, Eddie and Trevor, fear they will die as virgins. So how do they decide to solve their dilemma? By making an action movie of course and filling it with gratuitous love scenes featuring themselves and hot actresses. However, since their knowledge of women rivals that of the average ten year-old boy, they enlist a sleazy, albeit resourceful, British (or is it Australian?) pimp named Nigel to assist with their project. Without a script or even a film title they manage to find their hot actress in Julianne, who gets the part just for showing up. Nigel gets a crew together that includes his animated cousin Felix (who shoots doggy style porns), mousy Katerina (who rapes Trevor with her eyes at all times) and possible serial killer Marko. With virtually no budget, the crew is forced to double as actors in multiple roles alongside Eddie, Trevor and Julianne in their over-the-top action epic, now titled Smoking With Abe Lincoln. As the climatic love scene gets closer though, the two friends argue over who will finally get their big sex scene moment with Julianne. They eventually come to a mutual agreement, but fate has already stepped in and settled the situation for them. No matter who ends up in the scene, Smoking With Abe Lincoln promises to end with a bang! Not that kind of bang...sicko!