SM (Poland, 00:20:00)

Directed by: Ilona Bidzan

Written by: Ilona Bidzan

Cast: Emilia Ratajczak, Wojciech Stańko, Gabriela Zenka

MS (2014) is a film telling a story about extraordinary people and their equally outstanding paths of life. Three intimate conversations about passion, rebel and suffering. A journey into the depths of human mind in search for an answer to a question: how important are will power and fortitude in our life? Finally, it is a documentary about three people suffering from multiple sclerosis, who decide to change their life after hearing the diagnosis and against all odds live. The film characters include: Emilia Ratajczak, a painter, Wojciech Stańko, a sportsman and Gabriela Zenka, a dancer. Each of them is of different age and in a different stage of life. All of them received a ‘sentence of no appeal’, as Emilia says. Is it possible to live knowing you’re doomed? What artistic forms can rebel against the inevitable take? How much effort does fighting for your own passion cost? For your being, remaining, here and now? Actually, ‘SM’ is not a film about the illness, but about passion. Passion, which is in fact equal to the strenuous will of life.