Silent Ones (Hungary, Netherlands, 97)

Directed by: Ricky Rijneke

Written by: Ricky Rijneke

Cast: Orsi Tóth, Roland Rába, Fatih Dervişoglu

The young Eastern European woman Csilla and her little brother Isti are travelling together without a clear destination, looking for a better life. One day Csilla wakes up inside a crashed car, in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where her brother Isti is. He is vanished without a trace. Upset and alone, without saying a word, Csilla leaves aboard a cargo ship heading to Western Europe. She flees her country and her past to a cold and lonely life to keep a promise she made to him. But the world she's left behind won't let her go that easily. At sea Gábor, a self-proclaimed business man who convinced her to work for him on the ship, turns out to be a brute and a drunk. When Gábor assaults her and takes her last souvenir of Isti, Csilla loses grip on her life completely. The journey turns into a surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.
Nomination Tiger Award, 42th International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Winner Best Cinematography, Los Angeles Women's Ind' Film Festival (USA) 2014.

Winner Honorable Mention Narrative Feature, Los Angeles Women's Ind' Film Festival (USA) 2014.

Winner Best Film, Berlin Independent Film Festival (Germany) 2014.

Winner Best Film, The Dutch Golden Stone 2013, Netherlands Debut Film Festival 2013.

Winner Best Cinematography, European Film Festival, Lecce (Italy) 2013.

Winner Best Supporting Actor, European Film Festival, Lecce (Italy) 2013.

Nomination International Jury Award Best Film, 37th Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil) 2013.

Nomination Breaking the Waves Award, Titanic International Film Festival, Budapest (Hungary) 2013.

Nomination Best European Co-production, 4th Avvantura Festival Filmforum, Zadar (Croatia).

Nomination Grand Prix, T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival, (Poland) 2013.
EXTRA INFORMATION: For Silent Ones, Rotterdam Films brought together a choice selection of prize-winning European film talent including Berlinale’s shooting star Orsi Tóth, Cinematographers Gergely Pohárnok and Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd. Composer Andrey Dergachev designed the soundscape and composed the music. Actress and singer-songwriter Vanessa Paradis contributed with her famous song ‘Joe Le Taxi’..