Shelter (USA, 97 minutes)

Directed by: Adam Caudill & Wrion Bowling

Written by: Adam Caudill & Wrion Bowling


Carlos Garcia, Jeffery Green, Joyce Hshieh, Michael Lane, Sarah Street

Sirens. A blinding flash. Silence. Then, the realization:

They had survived, and they were alone.

An ominous disaster forces five strangers to wait out nuclear winter in a secret underground bomb shelter. With limited supplies and nowhere else to go, they struggle against the clock, uncertain if they’ll survive until it’s safe to return to the surface.

Chelsea (Joyce Hshieh) and Hudson (Michael Lane), two natural leaders, fight to maintain social order. Introverted Jeff (Jeff Green) develops a strict routine to ensure long-term survival while his wife Marisa (Sarah Street) strives to inject spontaneity into their painfully predictable lives. Rookie security guard Tyler (Carlos Garcia) longs for his daughter whose fate on the surface is unknown.

As weeks turn into months, one room proves too small for five people. Social norms break down in their one-room civilization where privacy is extinct. Habits curdle into routine, relationships dissolve, obsessions give way to madness.

When Tyler announces his plans to return to the surface to find his daughter, the group must decide whether to let him leave and risk contamination or keep him underground against his will. Trapped not only with each other but with the consequences of their actions, the survivors must ask themselves: Is their underground life worth preserving at all?