Directed by: Richard Wilde

The film deals with a discussion that runs counter to what is generally expected in an unexpected way. The analysis of the controversies leads to a deeper understanding of the concepts and the situation, which either dissolves or reinforces the contradiction in perspective.


“Would you think that violence is a solution?” – Proband A

The film, “Sense And Senselessness Of Violence Under Special Consideration Of Its Causes” is structured around a textbook – grade outline of the Scientific Method. Director Richard Wilde takes us through the story as though we were looking at an experiment unfold before our eyes. The plot relies on solid theories and notable scientific figures to help support each character’s take on the time - tried idiom: brain vs. brawn.

Proband A (played by Matthias Sartor) and Proband b (played by Benjamin Levent Krausw) are as incompatible as water and fire. The two are able to discuss the topic of violence in a very well informed and philosophical debate as they casually have a drink at a dingy bar, yet their conflicting know - it - all attitudes, revealed through subtle body language such as eye rolling and condescending retorts, build increasing amounts of tension throughout the film. One cannot help but ask themselves "to what extent is violence justifiable?".

In terms of the visual aspect of the film, Director Richard Wilde uses fine detailing to bring the viewer into the world of the small, dimly lit bar. Their clothing and rich vocabulary convincingly prove to the audience that they are most likely well read university students or professors who will guide the viewer through the experiment. There’s even a bartender dressed in a vest and tie, making for a more upscale looking environment.

The same could be said for the prop use and the camera work. Posters, shot glasses, and a cabaret stocked with liquor bottles create the rustic feel in which the characters casually leisure in. Blurring, camera swaying, and shooting from directly above the scene of action, all bring the character in to the gruesome fight scenes that take place in the film. Wilde uses smoke in the background to create a nostalgic, gritty feel to the bar where anything can happen.