Self Medicated: a film about art (United States, 1 hour 33 minutes)

Directed by: Ethan Minsker

Written by: Ethan Minsker

Art can serve an artist much in the same way any drug might.
“Self Medicated” is a new film about art, artists, and their struggles to stay happy. Whether you are a successful artist, an unproven entity, or struggling to create while working a 9-5, there is a common thread amongst most creative types: a depression that is kept at bay by producing new works.
The Antagonist Movement was formed by a group of unknown artists in 2000. Begun in bars and clubs of the Lower East Side, the movement promoted lesser-known works by up-and-coming talent. Over the last thirteen years the Antagonist Movement has grown and expanded from its base in New York to show in cities around the world, including Berlin, Lisbon, and Quito. This film documents the entire history of the Antagonist Movement and the artists involved, employing animation, stop-motion film techniques, interviews, and a killer soundtrack that spans the globe. From the street to the gallery and back again, “Self Medicated” reveals a new wave in art from the last American art movement.


Self Medication: A film about art

By: Kerby Pierre

“Self Medicated: a film about art” by Ethan H. Minsker is a rare and intriguing documentary. It has a interesting way of being a documentary. With no voice over narration just the interviews driving the story it becomes a daringly controversial film about the people on the outside of society. The film centers self-proclaimed outcasts and gets their perspective on art and the world they live in. Jumping fro, artist to artist the audience gets a real sense of being a outsider from many different point of views. Each artist being interviewed were from different parts of the country and even other countries but the film highlights the sense of unity between them all because group: “Antagonists” banned together to make art.

Although the film is a documentary it has a organized narrative structure to it. The film deals with touchy subject matter like drug abuse and depression within the community of loners. This is a running theme throughout the piece unifying the artist almost turning them into characters in a film. The film deals heavily with the title, discussing art and most of all how the artist use art as a form of self-medication. Art is a crucial part of these character’s lives but more importantly it’s how they survive. Self Medicated: a film about art” is an official selection of the New York Independent Film Festival and will be shown during the festival on October 12th-18th 2015.