Directed by: Philipp Glauner

Written by: Philipp Glauner, Martin Bohm

Cast: Stefan Nagel, John Eicke

FAST AND CHEAP is a four minute fake industry commercial for the fictitious demolition company AIT. Company boss Müller (Stefan Nagel) is giving a tour around the construction site on which giant robots perform the hard work. While Müller discusses the economic advantages of these modern work slaves, we learn that not all of his promises are made of gold …

Originally filmed in stereoscopic 3D, the fake commercial FAST AND CHEAP is a satire about modern work circumstances and about ruthless capitalism which declasses the human being to a disposable work product. The short film was shot over the course of four days in the ruins of an old coal-fired power station near Dessau (eastern Germany). The robots were brought to life in post by world champion mime John Eicke via motion capture.