Schleife 1 (Loop 1) (United States | 2016, 3 min)

Directed by: Linus Ignatius


Schleife 1 (Loop 1) with Linus Ignatius

Techno moves in cycles. The Berlin party goes all night; all day. A primeval force possesses the crowd, inducing ecstatic trance-like states. In this video I worked with Brazilian transplant Negroma to invent a character to embody this mischievous, elemental energy. Negroma drew on their background in Afro-Brazilian dance and drumming to find rhythms and movements that I then cast into relief with a trio of puritanical, ghostly women, bundled and miserable, straining to escape their bleak lives. The video is left ambiguous. Are the women enslaved by the forest spirit? Is he releasing them, or keeping them captive? Is it all a game? As the forest fills with mist and the darkness comes out to play, the story remains archetypal, dreamlike, impressionistic, rhythmic.