Directed by: Mark Solomon

Written by: Mark Solomon


Ken Fuller, Kyle Walters, Brandon Shaw, Dan Le Donne, Edwin Ayala, Jenn Mello, Joseph Villapaz, Juan Espinal, Max Carpenter, Noah Goldstein

Sam Cooper is twenty-two years old and spends most of his time watching cartoons with his dog Bubs. Everyone knows his life is going nowhere fast, including his frustrated girlfriend Selene. Eventually she leaves him, hoping to find a more mature man. After Sam's heart is broken he decides it's time to turn his life around. Under Bub's watchful eye, Sam creates a super powered alter ego: Samson Chin - The Defender of Facial Hair. With a beard of biblical proportions Sam sets out to defend his city from all enemies of facial hair. Little does Sam know, another seemingly mild mannered citizen is taking the law into his own hands. Sweany categorizes facial hair with pestilence and plague. The Demon Barber of Christopher Street vows not to rest until he rids the city of these evil manes, one face at a time. The two battle fiercely for the future of facial hair. In their final climactic showdown, Sweany makes Samson Chin choose between his beard, the symbol of hope for all those who believe in facial hair, and the woman who pushed him to become so much more than he ever was before - Selene. A tale of romance and intrigue, good vs. evil, dogs vs. cats, Samson Chin is truly the superhero story to end all superhero stories.