Directed by: Rafael Kent

Written by: Rafael Kent, Renan Chagas

Originally, Saci Pererê is an important character of the Brazilian folklore. In the original version he is a young one-legged black kid who smokes a pipe and wears a red cap that supposedly gives him magical powers. He is well known for being a prankster and extremely difficult to catch even with only one leg. Although Saci is a playful, childlike, folklore character in Bahia (BaianaSystem state), the terms “Saci” or “Sacizeiro” are commonly used to refer to panic or drug abuse. “This creates a very thin line that is dangerous and destroys Saci's possibility to establish himself as a force, a light spirit of joy and typical inventiveness of the Brazilian imagination, which is linked to our ancestry”, completes the Bahian band. "Our Saci Pererê is contemporary, urban, and bringing the protagonist closer to this image in which he has superpowers is an important analogy to this folk being and to our tradition". These superpowers flirt a lot with the current artistic movement that occurs in Bahia today. Communion of love. BaianaSystem concerts are one of the best shows currently in Brazil. Full of energy, dance and circles that open and are driven by ordinary people who at that time represent the SACI. With superpowers or not, all of us Brazilians have a little of SACI inside.