Runcation (USA, 31)

Directed by: Zhi Luo, Stephanie Yang

Written by: Zhi Luo

This documentary intends to introduce the concept of 'runcation' - the combination of running and vacation. Many people today plan their vacation time around running races. Zhi Luo is the heroine of this documentary. She is an animator who used to spend all her time in front of a computer, drawing for animations. But ever since she became friends with a group of fun-loving runners, her life style changed. Working the mouse and keyboard used to be her only exercise, now she runs regularly in the outdoors. After running a handful of races, started to realized that running has become an integral part of her life. She also found a unbreakable bond between herself and her runner friends. This past February, she and her friends flew to Florida Keys for the Ragnar Relay Race, a non-stop ultra marathon relay race. Zhi wanted to record their runcation to share with more people.
he runners are lead by Jake. He is the backbone of the team, he does everything from designing the team outfit to cheering for the teammates. Chaiwan loves vibrant colors and she always embrace the difficulties on the journey with a smile. Brazilian Gustav was in the States for a vacation. He just finished the Miami Marathon the prior week and was dragged into Ragnar for an extended runcation. Career woman Kaijia was taking conference calls with clients at the other end of the global the moment her running segment began. French girl Hajira tackled the scorching sun in Florida Keys as if it was nothing and cheered for every runners passing by as if they are her brothers and sisters. The team is why runcations are so wonderful - it is the source of tremendous joy and power. Rankings are no long important in races such as this. All they remembered at the end of the day, is the extreme satisfaction and excitement at the end of the race, when everyone ran cross the finish line hand-in-hand, after more than 30 hours and 200 miles. Before any one even sat down to rest, the team already started the discussion on their next runcation.