ROCKETMAN 360 (Romania, 20 min)

Directed by: Millo Simulov

A last generation capsule, a breathtaking landscape, an intense bucketlist and a global stake. Rocketman puts you in the face of an astronaut ready for a noble, dangerous mission: the colonization of Mars Planet, the future home of mankind. Once you mount your 360 goggles, you become one of the first colonists that Earth sends to Mars Planet to begin the teraforming process. While the red timer ticks a small alarm reminds you that you have not read your inbox messages.Among the hundreds of encouraging messages received from around the world, there is a video message from Jenifer. It catches your attention and you have to put the SF on the break.The video is filmed amateur, but has the cherry of a home-movie you can not deny. And Jenifer, your beloved girl on Earth is more beautiful than ever. And she has a surprise: she gathered all the memories you have filmed (a bucket list of all the things you did together) designed a 360 movie that you have on your way to the new house. The real surprise is kept for the final.