Roadside Radiation (Germany | 2016, 55 min)

Directed by: Moritz Schulz

Mankind has experienced and survived countless disasters in its short history. The plague, the Holodomor, the Second World War, the Cultural Revolution, Bhopal, Chernobyl. The list goes on and on.
But how can humans go on after such apocalyptic experiences? Eat, sleep, reproduce, laugh, celebrate? These are questions that have kept me busy for a very long time. Now, in the case of Chernobyl, I let these questions take shape for me for the first time.

Many issues can be found In the story of the consequences of Chernobyl, that also characterize my own life. The search for home and security, loss, fear, loneliness, alienation, rebellion. And the unconditional desire to live. The multifaceted human nature becomes comprehensible in those affected and their descendants. That’s why Chernobyl is also a deeply existential story. The great issues of life find here their immediate expression.