Rise of the eSports Hero (USA, Canada, South Korea, 44)

Directed by: Erica Landrock, Stephen Gillis

Written by: Sheona McDonald, Stephen Gillis

Cast: Chris Loranger, Geoff Robinson, Greg Fields, Alexander Garfield

Rise of the eSports Hero is a documentary that explores the sub-culture of pro-gaming through the lives of North America's top eSports team, Team Evil Geniuses as they tour the world competing for money, fame and glory.

Chris 'HuK' Loranger, is one of Canada's finest eSports exports and self-proclaimed diva; Greg 'IdrA' Fields, a legend in the Starcraft community, now disillusioned with his once passion; Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, a former college football captain turned pro-gamer now at a crossroads in his career and his bride to be, a Miss USA pageant contestant. Evil Geniuses' CEO, Alexander Garfield, is faced with the growing pains of being on the leading edge of a burgeoning multi-billion dollar industry as he must deal with balancing sponsors and managing egos all while trying to lead his team into the biggest season of their career.