Regretting Fish (USA, 78 min)

Directed by: Brad Saville


Brad Saville, Carmel Amit, David Marcus, Igor Litwinowicz, James Pravasilis, Luis Vega, Madeleine James, Matthew Pilieci, Nick Flint, Penny Bittone, Richard Brundage, Sarah Lemp, Stass Klassen, Tim Schoot, William Apps

In the crime thriller Regretting Fish, Fisher Galloway attempts to reform his criminal ways with one final heist to aid his escape. Fisher gets ready to flee New York City after stealing $500,000 in cash from his former employers, the French Drug Cartel. As he makes plans to leave the city, he finds himself employing the help of his ex-fiance, inadvertently subjecting her to the inevitable consequences of his theft. What originated as a means to an end swiftly turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse. As the net tightens around Fisher, he slowly realizes that a criminal can trust no one: not even himself.