Recursion (USA, 00:21:41)

Directed by: Sam Buntrock

Written by: Stanton Nash

Cast: Clara Wong, Rob McClure, Ruffin Prentiss, Sam Tedaldi

On the way to his best friend’s wedding ceremony, Sherwin, a young scientist, loses the most important item of the day: the bride’s ring. After retracing his steps, and searching to no avail, he decides to “slip” back through time via a modified elevator in his apartment building.

Now existing 90 minutes earlier, Sherwin steals the ring from his previous self and attempts to deliver it safely to the wedding venue without his past self noticing. This game of hide-and-seek unfolds across New York City as over and over he fails to reach the ceremony before his original self. And, each time he jumps back in time, he creates another version of himself he must now hide from. Finally, after foregoing trains and taxis, he sprints across the East River and barely makes it in time.

Sherwin leaves the ring in a bathroom where he knows his past self visits. But, as his previous self picks up the ring, Sherwin and the ring cease to exist, and an infinite loop paradox begins. Without the ring, the past version of Sherwin retraces his steps, searches to no avail, and decides to “slip” back through his time machine. And this continues. Over and over and over. For each time Sherwin delivers the ring to his past self, he negates the very reason he time traveled in the first place.

With no way out, Sherwin breaks the cardinal rule of time travel and confronts his past self face-to-face.