Rebirth (Second session) (USA, 22 mins.)

Directed by: Nicole Libassi

Written by: Nicole Libassi


Anne Hammond, Astrid Ovalles, Breanna Lakatos, Christian Thom, Leonardo Casella, Margaret Noonan, Megan Corry, Michael Wetherbee

Rebirth is a thrilling and harrowing look at the struggles of a transgender person who wakes up trapped in a motel with no idea how he got there, and begins having hallucinations of people from his past, all of whom accuse him of murdering his former self in cold blood and ultimately send him on a desperate mission to rescue the little girl trapped in the next room.

The story follows a female to male transgender on a journey through his own subconscious as terrible hallucinations feed his paranoiac insecurities regarding his sexual identity. Everyone in his life, from his mother to his grade school bully, questions his masculinity and the morality of his choice to go through with the sex reassignment surgery.