Rats on Cocaine in Time (United States, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Dean Pakis

Written by: Dean Pakis


Rats on Cocaine in Time by Dean Pakis

Rats on Cocaine is an animated internet series that's been running off and on since 2003. I write, voice and animate them myself. Each episode is chaotic, with strange imagery and graphic content. Previous episodes have screened at festivals such as Spike & Mike's, Shockfest of Hollywood, New York No Limits, and Tromadance.

The series stars Cage & Alice, two lab rats who live together and are given lots of cocaine. They spend a lot of their time fighting.

In this, the twelfth episode, 'Time', Cage & Alice battle their old nemesis, Claus the Prankster Bug, who gets a hold of their animation timeline and uses it to throw them back into their own distant past. There we learn a lot about why they turned out the way they did.