Rain (Australia, 15 minutes)

Directed by: Henry Boffin

Written by: Henry Boffin


Dan Eady, Jack Henry, Jacob Worth

In a future world where there is no water left on Earth. During the day the pair attempt to harvest water from a secret well underground and from the barren landscape, using condensation traps to gather what they can.

As the old man searches the storage shed for more materials to utilize he comes across an old model ship, which takes him back to his past. Over a meager dinner he regales the boy with tales of the “old world” and loses himself in a stupor of nostalgia. Later, as the boy scribbles in his sketchbook the old man, in a deep depression, finds himself drawn to his secret stash of bourbon. He gets drunk and rejects the boy’s attempts to comfort him.

The boy, sad and lonely, wanders outside and is attacked and stabbed by a savage wild man, desperate for water. The old man saves the boy but is too late and his only companion dies in his arms.

The next morning the old man, numb and banished of hope, buries the boy and apologizes before his grave for rejecting him. His tears splash on the ground. Suddenly, raindrops start falling all around him. He looks up and sees a thundercloud rolling towards him.

The rain has finally come.