Racing Against BRCA (USA, 11 min)

Directed by: Trevor Banks

Cast: Director of Photography: Trevor Banks, Editor: Trevor Banks, Music: Dan Phillipson, Emmet Cooke, Reaktor Productions, CAST: Caroline Plank


2018 Interview with Trevor Banks & Caroline Plank of Racing Against BRCA

Racing Against BRCA (BRA-KAH) is a short documentary about a 28 year old amateur long distance runner named Caroline Plank, who possesses a rare genetic mutation that all but guarantees the chances she will develop cancer within her lifetime. In an effort to avoid the imminent fate of cancer, Caroline makes the decision to undergo a surgical bilateral mastectomy, a procedure that may jeopardize her future as a competitive runner.
Through an honest, informative and enlightening testimonial, viewers get to follow Plank's journey before and after surgery as she strives to overcome the odds and race in the
2017 New York City Marathon. A true story of perseverance and self-determination, Racing Against BRCA is a must-watch for anybody who has been affected by cancer or hoping to learn more about the BRCA mutation.