Rabbit Stories (USA, 2hr 11min)

Directed by: Kirsten Russell

Written by: Kirsten Russell


Bill Weeden, Camila Gibran, Daniel Vespa, Kirsten Russell, Marc Bonan, Natalie Zampella, Susanna Raeven, Tom Brangle

RABBIT STORIES is a feature length dark comedy comprised of three shorts. We first meet Kate Humble in THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG. She is a lost suburban housewife, in therapy with Dr. Nadine Weinstein, who's only friend is a death row inmate named Mac. Having never fought for anything in her life, Kate decides that her test has arrived when her equally miserable husband, Ted, brings home a used motorcycle. And with one ride the battle is on but not for her husband...for the bike. 

Then we follow the final weeks of Kate's death row pen pal in THE STORY OF MAC. He was interviewed on a late night TV show looking for a wife when Kate first saw him. But hundreds of other women saw him as well including Lila, a misfit obsessed with the seven deadly sins. But as his execution day looms and Lila develops a relationship with Mac through Plexiglas we wonder if Mac's call for a wife may be as innocent as it seemed.

And then we come to IN THE BACKYARD OF HIS HOLI VRINDAVIN where we find Kate's therapist, Nadine, who has spent her life in search of her long lost father. Formerly Douglas Weinstein, he is now Shri Shri Randar Adavi, a guru who heads a secluded religious cult. But Nadine finds that she must first take part in a 'purification process' comprised of tortuous and ridiculous children's games before she can reach him to settle an old score.