Queen of the Bees (Australia, 16)

Directed by: Joseph Russell

Written by: Joseph Russell

Cast: Alexis Watt, Andy Blaikie, Jeda Cacioli, Jeremy Kewley, Josh Geary, Saul Pitman, Stuart Daulman

The Year is 2045 and Earth is in a hopeless state of decay. The effects of corporate greed and corruption have taken their toll on the planet and now, twenty years after the Great War, most of the Earth’s population have fled to the colonized moon of Titan or ‘New Earth’ as it is now referred to. ‘Old Earth’ has become a seedy tourist destination for holiday makers wanting cheap massages and fake Rolex watches. Ten-year-old Alex is a pickpocket, hustling New Earth tourists to support himself and his sick mother. Having already lost his father to ‘Old Earth Syndrome’, Alex devises a naive plan to save his mother from the same fate. When his plan fails, Alex is condemned to a life on the streets, until the day he meets the alluring Queen of the Bees. She is the daughter of the rebellion and is hell bent on serving her own kind of justice to those responsible for Earth’s downfall. With her and the People’s Army Alex finds new purpose and adventure.