PreFlexia (USA - 2015, 13 minutes)

Directed by: Shawn Leister-Frazier

Written by: Shawn Leister-Frazier

Cast: Smitty Chai - JAKE Alex Neumeier - DILLON Aliaa Schimmary - CROWD MEMBER # 1 Carlton Curtis - MR. JIMSON Carolyn Schaumburg - TRISH Luke Hellyer - OFFICER MILLER Paul Hikari - BILL FROM ACCOUNTING Rebecca Glantz - RONDA PHILLIPS Scott Chism - CROWD MEMBER # 3 Vinh Ngo - CROWD MEMBER # 2

Jake wants to get ahead with his career and love life, his best friend Dillon wants to get wasted. Dillon offers Jake a 'mental enhancing' prescription drug, 'PreFlexia', guaranteed to give Jake the extra edge he needs. If one pill can make you smarter, why not try 2... 5... half a bottle... and mix it with alcohol? The result fundamentally alters Jake's reality. When Jake's actions cause him to reflect on everything, will he be able to face his own reflection?